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Interactive Web-Based Mathematics Communication

Marco Pollanen

Author Information

Marco Pollanen is an Assistant Professor at Trent University.


In this article I introduce a Web-based technology, called enVision, that extends the concept of a chatroom or whiteboard to include capabilities for mathematical and symbolic content. I also briefly discuss how this technology has enabled me to conduct online office hours in introductory mathematics courses, which has greatly increased office hour participation.

Intended Audience

College mathematics teachers

Technologies Used in This Article

This article uses basic HTML and images in PNG format, and should be accessible with any modern browser. The enVision software discussed in the article uses Java, and thus you will need a Java-enabled browser to try the software. Click on the link to install the Java plug-in if necessary.

Publication Data

Published October, 2006. Article ID: 1305
Copyright © 2006 by Marco Pollanen

Article Link

Marco Pollanen, "Interactive Web-Based Mathematics Communication," Convergence (February 2007)