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For the school year the dates for the USAMO will be and , , .

Administration on an earlier date is not possible because the USAMO will be posted on the web 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Date: For the next school year the plans are to tentatively continue to offer two official dates on which the contest may be taken are , .
Began: 1974
Number of Questions: 6 questions, 3 per day
Time Allowed: 9 hours, over 2 days - two 4.5 hour periods with 3 questions
Type of Exam: Essay
Date: Approximately 5 weeks after the last AIME, or about the last half of April. For the school year the dates for the USAMO will be and , , .
Scored: Both the construction of the examination and the subsequent grading of the papers are conducted by the USAMO committee of the AMC usually the first weekend after the exam is taken.
Grading: Essays by committee.
Maximum Score: 42 points, 7 points for each question
Purpose: The USAMO provides a means of identifying and encouraging the most creative secondary mathematics students in the country. It serves to indicate the talent of those who may become leaders in the mathematical sciences of the next generation.
Material Covered: Problems would challenge most professional mathematicians. In addition to comprehensive mathematical knowledge, success on the USAMO requires truly exceptional mathematical creativity and inventiveness.
Teachers Manual: To see more detailed information on the latest USAMO contest rules and guide lines check in the most recent edition of the USAMO Teachers' Manual. This is included with the contests, answer forms, etc., sent to the teacher. It is also available online through the USAMO Archives page.
Participation Selection:

The USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) is a two day, nine-hour, six-question,essay-proof examination. Only USA citizens or permanent residents (currently possessing a USA green card) will be invited to officially take the USAMO.

Cost of Participation: None
If you have questions regarding the USAMO please contact the American Mathematics Competitions Director.