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Mathematical Association of America -- American Mathematics Competitions


General Information

The brochures and registration forms requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download.

Topic Areas: AMC 8 reg. AMC 10/12 reg. AIME reg. USAMO & USAJMO reg. IMO reg.

AMC 8 Registration -- , ,

The AMC 8 Informational Brochure ( version) will provide a brief overview of this contest. Registration may be accomplished by mailing the Registration Form (pdf version) found at this web site or you may register on line, access is available at Fees for each school wishing to register are as follows:

Registration & Standard Shipping through
Registration & Express Shipping
Registration & Expedited Shipping

Exams (including student answer forms) are sold in Bundles of 10 @ per bundle. The minimum charge to participate in the AMC 8 is (including the registration fee with standard shipping) and would enable 10 students to participate.

Late Registrations (after ), will be accepted via FAX 402-472-6087. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Unpaid orders will be accepted only with a Purchase Order #.

Some institutions of higher learning are offering the AMC 8 contest to students whose schools are not offering the AMC 8. You can see a list of the colleges and universities that are offering the AMC 8 by clicking this link: AMC 8 Sites at Institutions of Higher Learning.

AMC 10/12 Registration -- and ,

The AMC 10/12 Informational Brochure will provide a simple overview of these two contests. Registration may be completed by mailing either (pdf versions) Registration Form A (for , ) or Registration Form B (for the alternate date of , ) available at this web site. Fees for each school wishing to register are as follows

Early Registration & Shipping, contest A only through
Registration & Shipping- contest A
- Contest B        through Jan. 31
Expedited Registration & Shipping - Contest A
- Contest B       

Exams (including student answer forms) are sold in Bundles of 10. Both the AMC 10 and the AMC 12 Contests are per bundle. The minimum charge to participate in either the AMC 10 or the AMC 12 is (including the registration fee with standard shipping) and would enable 10 students to participate. One school can participate in both the AMC 10 and AMC 12 contests. The school would pay one registration fee, and add one bundle of AMC 10 contests and one bundle of AMC 12 contests. The cost would be $74 (including the registration fee with standard shipping for the A date) and would enable 20 students to participate. A student can not take both the 10 contest and the 12 contest on the same date. There are some overlapping problems on the contests given on the same day (A or B).

Late Registrations (10/12 A or B registrations after January 14) will be accepted via FAX 402-472-6087. We accept Visa & MasterCard, or we require a Purchase Order # for billed orders. If a Purchase Order is not appropriate, we will require a "Letter of Intent to Pay" which can be faxed to you. This letter can be used either if you intend to send a check or if you want to be billed without a Purchase Order. For Frequently Asked Questions about the new tests, please check out our FAQ page.  

This year we have Web registration available at:

Please submit your registration as soon as possible. Early registration will reduce your cost, provide you with ample time to read the Teachers' Manual and complete all pre-examination activities.

If your school chooses not to participate, there is still the possibility of taking the contest at a local college or university. MAA affiliates across the country offer the AMC 10/12 B contest on the B contest date. For more information please check the AMC 1012 Sites at Institutions of Higher Learning page.

Registration Information for Institutions of Higher Learning

Colleges and Universities can administer the Mathematical Association of America’s AMC 10/12 Contest to area high school students who could be looking for a college to attend after graduation! Offering to administer this contest at your location, allows more students, teachers, and schools to participate in the MAA High School contests. You will attract bright, motivated and highly qualified students to your department and major! This will create outreach and publicity for your department with minimal time and effort. The date of the contest is , , . Click here for more information.

AIME Registration

Registration for the AIME is automatic. Any students taking the AMC 12 and scoring in the top 5% or over 100, or are in the top 2.5% of the scores on the AMC 10 qualify. The testing materials (including the tests, answer sheets, teachers manual, and computer identification form) are included with the results packet from the AMC 10 and/or the AMC 12. The AIME dates for the school year are , , for the AIME I and , , for the AIME II.

There is no additional registration fee for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination, unless you choose to take the second sitting of the exam. An additional administrative/shipping fee is charged, with a minimum of for the first 10 students and for over 10 students. This is explained more thoroughly in the AMC 10/12 and AIME Teacher's Manuals.

USAMO and USAJMO Registration

There is no additional registration fee for the USAMO and the USAJMO. Registration for the USAMO/USAJMO is automatic. The method of selection of USAMO and USAJMO participants is based on the student’s index which is a combination of the AMC and AIME scores. The testing materials will be made available on-line on the appropriate day. The Teacher's Manual will have pertinent details.

IMO Registration

Registration for the United States entrants for the IMO is handled by the the American Mathematics Competitions, through the International Mathematics Olympiad Committee. There is no charge to the chosen students for any of the expenses related to the IMO or their transportation or lodging.

For more information contact the AMC office: