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Mathematical Association of America -- American Mathematics Competitions



Began: 1959. The US has been a participant since 1974.
Number of Questions: 6
Time Allowed: 2 days, 4.5 hours per day
Type of Exam: Essay
Dates : The team and its sponsors travel to the host country and spend 10 days to two weeks during July.
Scored: 7 points per question. Both the construction of the examination and the subsequent grading of the papers are conducted in elaborate and highly democratic proceedings designed to preserve security and objectivity. (See IMO format)
Grading: International Committee
Maximum Score: 42 points = 6 questions, 7 points per question
Purpose: The officers of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and the Committee on the American Mathematics Competitions (CAMC) endorse the following objectives of participation by the United States in the IMO:
  • To provide opportunities for meetings and contacts among present and future mathematicians and scientists of different countries.
  • To enrich the education and training for research in the mathematical sciences of 30 of our nation's most talented students by means of an intensive four week seminar in mathematics and problem solving beyond the standard syllabus
  • To stimulate and encourage mathematical excellence among the students and teachers of America's high schools through the example set by these talented students and the favorable publicity the United States Team receives as a consequence of its participation in the IMO.
  • To use this friendly competition as a forum for the exchange of mathematical and educational ideas that might prove helpful in setting priorities for secondary school mathematics in the United States.
  • To foster unity of interest among all nations. Mathematics, because of its universal nature, is ideally suited for this role.
Material Covered: Problems would challenge most professional mathematicians. In addition to comprehensive mathematical knowledge, success on the IMO requires truly exceptional mathematical creativity and inventiveness.
Participation Selection: The top 12 scoring students on the USAMO are among those invited to the Mathematics Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP), and are further instructed and tested. The official delegates are then chosen based on performance and aptitude.
Cost of Participation: None (Host country covers room and board for the Olympiad, the AMC has donors and contributors which cover the delegation's airfare, and other traveling expenses)
If you have questions regarding the IMO please contact the American Mathematics Competitions Director.