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MAA MathFest

MAA leadership has made the determination to cancel MAA MathFest 2020. Under the current circumstances, and to protect the safety of our community, we believe that holding a conference in Philadelphia is not in our community’s best interest.

We are grateful to all those who organized a session, meeting, exhibit, poster, or event for MAA MathFest 2020 and to all committee chairs who took the time to review session proposals--this work does not go unnoticed. We appreciate the patience of our community through these uncertain times. Most of all, we wish you and your families a safe summer. Thanks for being a part of the MAA Community!

MAA MathFest 2020 Cancellation FAQ

Q: Is MAA MathFest 2020 still happening in Philadelphia, PA this year?
A: MAA MathFest 2020 is officially canceled.

Q: If I already registered for MAA MathFest will I get a refund?
A: Yes, you will be refunded. If you would like you can donate your refund to the MAA.

Q: When can I expect my registration refund?
A: In order for all refunds to process in full, please allow 3 weeks for the refund to appear on your original transaction card. You may expect to receive an automated email confirmation/receipt, but please let us know if you do not receive it (or the refund) in 3 weeks after your registration is canceled. If you have any questions or concerns please contact MAA Meetings and Events at

If you prefer to donate your refund to MAA, please email

Q: If I made a reservation at the Marriott Philadelphia Downtown, will it automatically be canceled?
A: Yes, the Marriott is canceling all reservations made within the MAA MathFest block. Call +1 800-320-5744 or +1 215-625-2900 to confirm if your reservation is in the MAA block, and to verify the reservation status.

Q: Will MAA MathFest 2020 be offered virtually?
A: No, it will not. We are honoring the fact that some members of our community need time to prepare to teach virtually in the fall. We also recognize that the rapid move to online teaching, as well as the many online events already scheduled, can be overwhelming.

Alternate plans for governance meetings (such as Board of Directors, Congress, and councils and committees) are being developed, as well as plans to maintain momentum for ongoing MAA initiatives.

Q: If I am an award winner, will there be an awards ceremony? How will I receive my award?
A: James Sellers, MAA Secretary, will reach out to all award recipients regarding the distribution of awards and opportunities for acknowledgment. MAA staff members are working on plans to recognize award winners online in the coming weeks, and MAA leadership is planning for a recognition event to be held at MAA MathFest 2021 in Sacramento for the 2020 prize winners. Once more details are in place, James Sellers will provide those details to the 2020 award recipients.

Q: What if I planned to present at MAA MathFest 2020?
A: There are several options. You can submit to present at MAA MathFest 2021. You can contact Hortensia Soto, MAA Associate Secretary at, or the MAA Programs team at to discuss alternate possibilities such as facilitating a webinar.

Q: My abstract was accepted to a session that is being rescheduled for JMM 2021 or MAA MathFest 2021. Will my abstract be accepted to the rescheduled session?
A: You will have the opportunity to resubmit your abstract through the abstract portal for either meeting. Any such abstract will be flagged accordingly and given approval for the recurring session, as long as the abstract remains appropriate to the session topic. Please continue to check for updates, details, and links for (re)submitting abstracts.

Q: My abstract was accepted to a session that is not being rescheduled. Will I still be able to present it at MAA MathFest 2021?
A: You will have the opportunity to submit your abstract through the abstract portal for next year's MAA MathFest. All accepted abstracts this year will be flagged and organizers will be encouraged to accept these abstracts to the most appropriate session. Please continue to check for updates, details, and links for (re)submitting abstracts.

Q: Will MAA Project NExT still be held this summer?
A: Yes, it will be held virtually. For more information contact Dave Kung, MAA Project NExT Director at

Q: Will my SIGMAA still meet if MAA MathFest is canceled?
A: It will not meet in person, but SIGMAAs are welcome to meet virtually. Contact the MAA Communities team at to help with scheduling.

Q: Will my committee still meet since MAA MathFest is canceled?
A: No, it will not meet in-person, but committees are welcome to meet virtually as they have already been doing. Committee chairs can contact that MAA Secretary at to help schedule virtual meetings.

Q: What will happen with the invited addresses?
A: Hortensia Soto, MAA Associate Secretary at, will be in touch with all plenary speakers with the hope that they will present at MAA MathFest 2021.

Q: What will happen with the students’ talks and presentations scheduled for the PIC Math session?
A: All students’ talks for MAA MathFest are canceled. Organizers of grant-funded events, such as PIC Math, are exploring alternative opportunities for student presentations. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available. Contact the MAA Programs team at for any assistance with your grant-funded project.

Q: What if I still want to share my session at JMM or MAA MathFest 2021?
A: MAA will make every effort to reschedule sessions either at the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) 2021 or MAA MathFest 2021. Please write to the MAA Associate Secretary ( no later than June 12, 2020 if you would like your session to appear at either meeting. The original proposals will then be resubmitted automatically for 2021, and will be flagged for priority approval.

Q: Will MAA MathFest 2021 take place in Sacramento as planned?
A: Yes, planning for MAA MathFest 2021 is underway and is currently scheduled for Aug. 4-7, 2021 in Sacramento, CA.

Q: If I am a 2019 Sliffe winner, will I receive complimentary registration for MAA MathFest 2021?
A: Yes, if you are a 2019 Sliffe winner and were planning to attend MAA MathFest in Philadelphia, you will be offered complimentary registration, housing, and travel reimbursement for MAA MathFest in Sacramento Aug. 4-7, 2021. Please contact if you have any questions.

Q: What if I was exhibiting or sponsoring at MAA MathFest 2020?
A: You will be contacted by the MAA Meetings and Events team to be given the option to get a refund or apply your payment to MAA MathFest 2021. Please contact the Meetings and Events team at

For questions or concerns about registration, abstracts, session scheduling, or hotel reservations, please contact
For questions or concerns about exhibits or sponsorship, please contact