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What is MAA Connect?

MAA Connect is the new online community for members to connect, communicate and collaborate with peers. It’s your platform to share ideas, ask questions, and network.

Getting started.

Click here to access MAA Connect using your MAA member login. Because MAA Connect is integrated with our member database, you only have to remember one login and password.


We've used your information from our database to complete the basic parts of your new profile, including your name, organization, and professional designations.

Now make it yours by filling out areas like education history and interests to help other members find you and connect. Don't forget to upload a picture for your profile. This helps people to identify and get to know you.

Don't want everybody to see your information? No problem. You can edit your "Privacy Settings" by going to your profile and then clicking on"My Account" in the drop down menu.

Peer Search.

Look for other members by name, company or email address using the “Directory” link in the navigation bar. You can use the “Advanced Search” function to look for people using additional information or the community they belong to. Once you’ve found the person(s) that you’re looking for, you can view profiles, send messages or add as a contact directly from the search results page.


Take a look at all the possible communities to join by using the “Communities” menu tab. By default, it will show you the communities you already participate in. You can change this to “Communities I can join” using the filter options near the top of the page. Communities include general forums like committees, sections, and SIGMAAs to name a few. For now, you will see the All Member Community to where you can network with peers and familiarize yourself with the platform.

You can also get an idea of the community’s activity such as the number of posts, files uploaded to the group’s resource library, and current number of subscribers in the group.

Joining a community.

Subscribe & personalize your experience. You can access all communities by clicking “Communities” in the navigation bar. Once you’ve looked around, subscribe to any and all of the communities that interest you by clicking on the “Join” button. You’ll be prompted to specify how you want your messages from the community’s discussion group to be delivered to you:

  • Real Time: sends an email for each community post
  • Daily Digest: sends an email each morning with the previous day’s posts
  • Legacy: sends an email for each message in plain text with the ability to reply via email
  • No Emails: read and reply to posts through the community directly without email notification NOTE: If you don’t see a “Join” button on a community, you either already belong to it or the community is private.

Participate in the conversation. All communities feature online discussion boards that can be used via email as well. Use the links next to posts to:

  • Reply to Discussion: sends your response to the entire group
  • Reply to Sender: send a private response to the author of the post
  • View Thread: see all the posts in a particular discussion in chronological order
  • Post Message: starts a new discussion thread
  • My Subscriptions: change your delivery options, subscribe to additional communities or unsubscribe

Start a conversation by posting your questions or thoughts. To start a new discussion in one of your communities you can use the “Post a Message” link under “Discussions” or post directly from the HTML emails you receive using the “Post Message” link. Want to include an attachment?

  1. Click the “Attach” button
  2. Name your document
  3. Browse through your computer and select the file to add
  4. Click “Upload”

TIP: We encourage you to tag your document to increase its searchability and to help other members find it easily.

We hope you enjoy your MAA Connect experience. Contact [email protected] with questions or call 800-331-1622.