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Frequently Asked Questions


Requesting a Virtual Program

It’s easy! Simply click the “Submit a Proposal” button on this page.

Proposals are reviewed by MAA’s Virtual Programming Committee. This committee has been charged with vetting each proposal, ensuring that it meets MAA’s criteria of appropriate, engaging and timely content. The Committee will schedule the programs for each Call for Proposals session.

There will be three Call for Proposals each year, announced for the summer (proposals due February 1), fall (proposals due May 1) and spring sessions (proposals due October 1). Panelists will be notified within a month after proposals are due on whether their programs have been selected. Panelists will then have approximately 2-3 months to prepare for their live presentations and allow time for MAA to promote their programs to targeted audiences.

Yes, submissions can be resubmitted if they were previously denied. The Committee will provide feedback for each submission that is denied. Presenters should work to resubmit keeping this feedback in mind.

Decisions will be made approximately one month after submission. Presenters will have approximately two months to finish planning their session after feedback has been shared from the Committee.

Once your virtual program has been selected, MAA’s internal communications team will market and advertise your program through MAA’s several networks to ensure it reaches your target populations. MAA will also lead all technical support to ensure your program is of a high-quality caliber.


Attending a Virtual Program

Once a schedule of programming is posted, you can register via our website.

The fee structure is as follows:

  • Members - Members will receive three coupons each year to attend virtual programs of their choice. After all three coupons are used, virtual programs will be $15 per event
  • Non-members will pay $25 per virtual program event


Webinars are typically grant sponsored events, which means it was part of an externally funded program. Grant funded programs are free to everyone and these will remain free in the future. The new MAA Virtual Programs are selected through our Call for Proposals and include workshops, mini-courses, and panel discussions, such as those that are presented during MAA MathFest. MAA created the Virtual Programs to release timely content that is specifically curated by and for mathematical professionals to ensure that all can stay connected to the math community and gain insight that is specific to various fields.

All of our virtual programs will be recorded. The virtual programs recording policy will be posted at the beginning of the presentation and Zoom will notify all attendees when recording begins. The recorded programs can be accessed by request only.

Yes, the process for requesting this is as follows:


  • Register for the event and pay the appropriate fee (or use a coupon code, if applicable).
  • Send an email to with your request, noting the event name, event date/time, and email address that you used to register
  • A link to the recording will be provided to that email address approximately 48 hours after the event.
  • Due to the nature of some virtual events (i.e. minicourses), and as this is a pilot program for Spring 2021, we may find that some recordings are quite truncated due to the use of breakout rooms in the event. The requestor will be apprised of this when the link is sent, and have the option to request a refund within 5 business days of receiving the recording.

Yes. The recordings will be posted to the MAA Members Video Library approximately 60 days after the event. We are not able to offer this to non-members at this time. To learn how to become a member, please click here.

Yes, all participants and presenters are expected to follow MAA’s welcoming environment and code of ethics policy while attending the virtual programs. Details on this can be found here.

The event moderator or presenter will indicate their preference for where questions should be asked - usually the Chat or Q&A function.

Not all of our virtual programs have certificates/letters available. If they do, the host or moderator will indicate that at the beginning of the presentation. If they are provided, then you must request one by emailing within 48 hours of attending the event. We are not able to offer certificates or letters to those who attend the program for less than 30 minutes, or for those who watch the recording only.