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Making Connections: A Calculus Summit

November 9, 3-4 PM ET

As an educator involved in the teaching of AP Calculus, the first year of college calculus or the preparation of secondary teachers of mathematics, you are encouraged to attend this virtual program. The Calculus Summit will provide perspectives from high school and college calculus instructors and will facilitate discussions around some of the topics that pertain to AP Calculus and the first year of college calculus. Registration for this event has closed.



Steve Kokoska & Gail Burrill

Promoting Effective Teaching Practices by Employing Cognitive Science Principles

November 16, 2-4 PM ET

The program introduces an instructional framework to close the gap between cognitive science research and Math instruction while addressing the widened Math achievement gap due to the pandemic. A case study of the instructional framework to an Introductory Calculus course is shared with the participants to promote the integration of the research-driven practices to their teaching. Registration for this event has closed.



Sheila Tabanli

About the Presenter

Sheila Tabanli has extensive experience developing and incorporating educative curriculum materials to promote student learning based on her 20+ years of teaching and administrative work in the K-16 education system. Sheila purposefully plans and passionately delivers hands-on workshops on how to effectively implement student-centered teaching practices grounded on cognitive science research.




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