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All the Math That’s Fit to Print: Articles from The Manchester Guardian

All the Math That’s Fit to Print: Articles from The Manchester Guardian

By Keith Devlin

Print ISBN: 978-0-88385-515-7
345 pp., Paperbound, 1994
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Between 1983 and 1989 Keith Devlin, research mathematician, author and educator, wrote a semimonthly column on mathematics and computing in the English national daily newspaper, The Manchester Guardian. This book is a compilation of many of those articles. It is witty, entertaining, and easy-to-read.

The mathematical topics range from simple puzzles to deep results including open problems such as Faltings Theorem and the Riemann Conjecture. You will find articles on prime numbers, how to work out claims for travel expenses, calculating pi, computer simulation, patterns and palindromes, cryptology, and much more.

This book is meant for browsing by anyone who regularly reads a serious newspaper and has some interest in science and mathematics. Devlin tells us “from the mail I received I know that the readers of the column were a varied bunch. They ranged from students at schools in their early teens (occasionally even younger!) to retired people in their nineties (often the ones who best succeed in cracking the brain teasers I occasionally included in my articles); from prison inmates to executives in the computer industry; from truckers to schoolteachers; both men and women.”

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1990 Onwards

About the Author

Born in Hull, England, Keith Devlin obtained his BSc degree from King’s College London and his PhD from the University of Bristol. He has held faculty positions in Britain, Germany, Norway, and Canada, and, in the United States, at Stanford University, the University of Colorado, Colby College, and Penn State University. He moved permanently to the USA in 1987, and is currently Academic Dean of the School of Science at Saint Mary’s College of California in Moraga.

A specialist in mathematical logic, since the mid-1980’s he has been investigating fundamental issues involved in information processing and communication both for mind and machine.

His publications include research monographs, mathematics textbooks, general market mathematics books, and 55 published research articles. Among his many books are the bestselling Mathematics: The New Golden Age, Logic and Information (voted Most Outstanding Book in Computer Science for 1991 by the Association of American Publishers), and The Joy of Sets: Fundamentals of Contemporary Set Theory. In addition to his research and writing, Devlin has been involved in the production of a number of BBC television programs dealing with mathematics.

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