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Book Series

Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library

Features fresh approaches and broad coverage of topics especially suitable for high school and the first two years of college. The volumes in this series are an excellent source of enrichment material for teachers and students. Good mathematical reading. The books in this series are paperbound.

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Dolciani Mathematical Expositions

Aimed at a broad audience, books in this series present mathematical elegance and ingenuity in topics such as: number theory, geometry, combinatorics, and the history of mathematics.  Several excellent problem books are included in this series. Assumed levels of background range up to that of an undergraduate mathematics major.

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Targets the general mathematically-interested reader with broad coverage of biographies, history, popular works, and books of general interest.

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Carus Mathematical Monographs

Expositions of mathematical subjects set forth in a manner comprehensible not only to teachers and students specializing in mathematics, but also to scientific workers in other fields. The monographs are intended for the wide circle of thoughtful people familiar with basic graduate or advanced undergraduate mathematics, encountered in the study of mathematics itself, or in the context of related disciplines, who wish to extend their knowledge without prolonged and critical study of the mathematical journals and treatises. The books in this series are hardbound.

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MAA Notes

Rapidly disseminates a broad range of educational information and themes of special interest to all involved with undergraduate mathematics. Newer electronic versions of these books are available free to MAA members through the Member Library. Others may purchase these titles through the MAA's online store.

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Problem Books

This series will include a variety of books related to problems and problem-solving including annual collections of problems from mathematical competitions, collections of problems specific to particular branches of mathematics, and books on the art and practice of problem-solving.

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Classroom Resource Materials

This series provides supplementary material for students and their teachers—laboratory, exercises, projects, historical information, textbooks with unusual approaches for presenting mathematical ideas, career information, and much more. The books in this series are paperbound.

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MAA Textbooks

MAA Textbooks cover all levels of the undergraduate curriculum, with a focus on textbooks for upper division students. They are written by college and university faculty, and are carefully reviewed by an editorial board of teaching faculty in order to ensure superior exposition.

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