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Mathematical Apocrypha Redux: More Stories & Anecdotes of Mathematicians and the Mathematical

Mathematical Apocrypha Redux

By Steven G. Krantz

Print ISBN: 978-0-88385-554-6
300 pp., Paperbound, 2005
List Price: $46.00
MAA Member: $34.50
Series: Spectrum

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A companion to Mathematical Apocrypha, this second volume of anecdotes, stories, quips, and ruminations about mathematics and mathematicians is sure to please. It differs from other books of its type in that many of the stories are from the 20th century and many about currently living mathematicians. A number of the best stories come from the author’s first-hand experience.

Table of Contents

Utter Frivolity
Utter Helplessness
Utter Utterances
Utter Sagacity
Utter Sanguinity
Utter Seriousness
Utter Credulity
Utter Confusion
Utter Solipsism
Further Reading

About the Author

Steven G. Krantz, currently Professor of Mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis, earned his PhD at Princeton University and has taught at UCLA, Princeton University, and Pennsylvania State University. He is the recipient of the UCLA Alumni Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award, the MAA’s Chauvenet Prize, and the MAA Beckenbach Book Award. He has written numerous books including: How to Teach Mathematics, Function Theory of Several Complex Variables, The Implicit Function Theorem, and Mathematical Apocrypha, Complex Analysis: The Geometric Viewpoint, and A Panorama of Harmonic Analysis (all for the MAA). He is also the author of over 100 research articles.


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