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Trigonometry: A Clever Study Guide

Trigonometry: A Clever Study Guide

James Tanton

Print ISBN: 978-0-88385-836-3
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-61444-406-0
232 pp., Paperbound, 2015
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Series: Problem Book Series

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This guide covers the story of trigonometry. It is a swift overview, but it is complete in the context of the content discussed in beginning and advanced high-school courses. The purpose of these notes is to supplement and put into perspective the material of any course on the subject you may have taken or are currently taking. (These notes will be tough going for those encountering trigonometry for the very first time!)

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About the Author

James Tanton (PhD, Princeton 1994, mathematics) is an education consultant and an ambassador for the Mathematical Association of America in Washington, D.C. He has taught mathematics both at university and high-school institutions. In 2004 James founded and directed the St. Mark’s Institute of Mathematics, conducting mathematics outreach for students of all ages and designing and teaching graduate courses in mathematics for educators. James is also the author of the MAA books Solve This! and Mathematics Galore! and is writing and doing video work on problem-solving for the MAA’s Curriculum Inspirations project.

He serves as a writer or an advisor on a number of curriculum projects and regularly travels across the nation and overseas to work directly with educators. James is absolutely committed to sharing joyful and beautiful mathematical thinking and doing with all. His sites and explain more.

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