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777 Mathematical Conversation Starters

John dePillis

777 Mathematical Conversation Starters shows that there are few degrees of separation between mathematics and topics that provoke interesting conversations. The topics presented in this unique book are accessible to mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike. They include thought-provoking conversation starters such as the balue of fame; why language matters; the anatomy of thought; how we know what we know; how the Pythagorean theorem (with very little physics) shows that Einstein was correct about time dilation and distance contraction; and how mathematics produces intuition-defying examples.

The format is unique, too. Topics (conversation starters) are numbered, extensively cross-referenced, and divided into small digestible units. Many are illustrated with one-hundred fifty original cartoons and illustrations done by the author.

777 Mathematical Conversation Starters presents material that is of interest to the curious reader who may or may not have advanced mathematical training. Readers at many levels are accommodated. For example, there is material for those who choose to explore special relativity at an elementary level, while those who wish to delve more deeply are provided with detailed equations and explanations.

Available only as a print-on-demand paperback book.

Paperback ISBN: 9780883855409

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