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Calculus: Modeling and Application 2nd edition

David A. Smith and Lawrence C. Moore

Calculus: Modeling and Application, 2nd Edition, responds to advances in technology that permit the integration of text and student activities into a unified whole. In this approach, students can use mathematics to structure their understanding of and investigate questions in the world around them, to formulate problems and find solutions, then to communicate their results to others.

Calculus: Modeling and Application covers two semesters of single-variable calculus. Its features include

  • use of real-world contexts for motivation,
  • guided discovery learning,
  • hands-on activities (including built-in applets),
  • a problem-solving orientation,
  • encouragement of teamwork,
  • written responses to questions,
  • tools for self-checking of results,
  • intelligent use of technology, and
  • high expectations of students.

It is important to note that this textbook is a website.  It is designed to be accessible on any computer or tablet device in a standards-compliant browser, such as Firefox or Safari.

Mathematical notation is displayed by MathJax. The text uses the free computer algebra system Sage to provide interactivity through remotely-processed interacts. Sage interacts require only calculator-form entry of functions and numbers. You need not have Sage installed on your machine. There are some activities that require a printer, but these are optional.

At the end of each section there are pages labeled Exercises and Problems. The Exercise pages each have a WebWork button that links to MAA's WebWork courses page. Adopters who set up WebWork courses (at MAA or on their local servers) get access to the Calculus: Modeling and Application Library (in addition to the national library), and it has problems that are more or less like the Exercises in Calculus: Modeling and Application. Instructors can make up homework sets from both the Calculus: Modeling and Application and national libraries.  The authors plan to continue to add to the Calculus: Modeling and Application collection, so it will get stronger over time. All of the Exercises are potentially machine-gradable (suitable for WebWork), whereas the Problems need human responses.

Three sample chapters (chapters 2, 5, and 8) are available at

Access to Calculus: Modeling and Application can be purchased at  Instructors wishing to adopt the text for their course should contact the MAA Service Center (1-800-331-1MAA) about obtaining desk access.

To see how one professor uses this text and other technologies to create a paperless classroom watch this YouTube video:

Note to purchasers of the text: To gain easy access to the book website in the future

  • Login at using the username and password you created when ordering the book.
  • Click on My Orders.
  • Click on View Order (right side of page).
  • The page that comes up will look like a receipt page and it will have a link to the text (Access Calculus ebook). Click on that link.
  • The home page of the book website will come up.
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