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Contest Problem Book IX

Compiled and edited by David Wells and J. Douglas Faires

This is the ninth book of problems and solutions from the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) contests. It chronicles 325 problems from the 13 AMC 12 contests given in the years 2001 through 2007. The authors were the joint directors of the AMC 12 and AMC 10 competitions during that period.

The problems have all been edited to ensure that they conform to the current style of the AMC 12 competitions, the graphs and figures have been redrawn to make them more consistent in form and style, and the solutions to the problems have been both edited and supplemented.

A Problem Index at the back of the book classifies the problems into the subject areas of Algebra, Arithmetic, Complex Numbers, Counting Functions, Geometry, Graphs, Logarithms, Logic, Number Theory, Polynomials, Probability, Sequences, Statistics, and Trigonometry. A problem that uses a combination of these areas is listed multiple times. The problems on these contests are posed by members of the mathematical community in the hope that all secondary school students will have an opportunity to participate in problem-solving and enriching mathematics experiences.

Print ISBN: 9780883858264

Electronic ISBN: 9780883859643

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