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Proofs Without Words and Beyond (2014)

Tim Doyle, Lauren Kutler, Robin Miller, and Albert Schueller

History and philosophy of visual proofs, together with dynamic, interactive “proofs without words 2.0”.


The Four Curves of Alexis Clairaut (2020)

Taner Kiral, Jonathan Murdock, and Colin B. P. McKinney 

A dual language (French\English) edition of a paper written in 1726 by a 12-year-old Alexis Clairaut, with discussion of the historical and mathematical context for the work and interactive GeoGebra renditions of Clairaut’s diagrams.


An Analysis of the First Proofs of the Heine-Borel Theorem (2013)

Nicole Andre, Susannah Engdahl, and Adam Parker

Translation and mathematical analysis of five historical proofs.


Index of Winning Papers from the HOM SIGMAA Student Paper Contest in the History of Mathematics (2021)

Award winning history of mathematics papers by undergraduates, sponsored by MAA’s Special Interest Group for the History of Mathematics (HOM SIGMAA).


More Than Just a Grade: The HOM SIGMAA Student Contest Fosters Writing Excellence at UMKC  (2019)

Richard Delaware

Advice on promoting excellent student research and writing from a faculty advisor with one of the strongest records of winning papers in the HOM SIGMAA Student Paper Contest.