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Portal through Mathematics: Journey to Advanced Thinking

Oleg Ivanov

Translated by Robert G. Burns

Portal Through Mathematics will be useful for prospective secondary teachers of mathematics, and may be used (as a supplementary resource) in university courses in algebra, geometry, calculus, and discrete mathematics. It can also be used for professional development for teachers looking for inspiration. However, the intended audience is much broader. Every fan of mathematics will find enjoyment in it.

The problems and topics are fresh and interesting and frequently surprising. One example: the puzzle that asks how much length must added to a belt around the Earth's equator to raise it one foot has probably achieved old chestnut status. Ivanov, after explaining the surprising answer to this question, goes a step further and asks, if you grabbed that too long belt at some point and raised it as high as possible, how high would that be? The answer to that is more surprising than the classic puzzle's answer.

Electronic ISBN: 9780883859902

Print ISBN: 9780883856512

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