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Soviet Union Mathematical Olympiad: Grades 8, 9, and 10

Andy C. F. Liu

The olympiad movement in the former Soviet Union was initially city-based, with what was then Leningrad taking the lead in 1934, followed by Moscow in 1935. In 1961, the national Russian Mathematical Olympiad was founded. In 1967, the contest was renamed the Soviet Union Mathematical Olympiad.

Later, somewhat confusingly, a new Russian Mathematical Olympiad was organized. To make the distinction, we include the first six contests under the umbrella of the Soviet Union Mathematical Olympiad. We also extend the coverage to 1992, when the Soviet Union had dissolved, and the contest should properly be called the Mathematical Olympiad of the Independent States. The contest ceased operation after this one-time affair.

Much of the work is translated, elaborated, and edited from a book by the Russian authors, A. Yegorov and N. Vasiliev, covering the contest up to 1987. For 1988 to 1992, Chinese translations of original material in Russian have been consulted. For some problems, sometimes only answers or hints are given, sometimes nothing at all. In this book, these gaps are filled, and every problem now has a complete solution.

The book is divided into three parts: one for each grade level group of contests. Each part has its own problem classification and problem index chapters. Also included, in appendices, are grade 11 contests and solutions from 1963–1966.

This book is especially suitable for students preparing for national or international mathematical olympiads.

Electronic ISBN: 9781614444084


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