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Targets the general mathematically-interested reader with broad coverage of biographies, history, popular works, and books of general interest.

Series Editor: Gerald Alexanderson


Books available for download include:

Beautiful Mathematics
Martin Erickson

Calculus and Its Origins
David Perkins

Five Hundred Mathematical Challenges
Edward J. Barbeau, Murray S. Klamkin, William O.J. Moser

Harmony of the World: 75 Years of Mathematics Magazine
Edited by Gerald Alexanderson with the assistance of Peter Ross

A Historian Looks Back
Judith V. Grabiner

In the Dark on the Sunny Side: A Memoir of an Out-of-Sight Mathematician
Larry Baggett

Lobachevski Illuminated
Seth Braver

Mathematical Reminiscences
Howard Eves

A Mathematician Comes of Age
Steven G. Krantz

Mathematics in Historical Context
Jeff Suzuki

Proof and Other Dilemmas
edited by Bonnie Gold and Roger Simons

Sherlock Holmes in Babylon
Edited by Marlow Anderson, Victor Katz, and Robin Wilson

Six Sources of Collapse
Charles R. Hadlock

Sophie's Diary
Dora Musielak

Who Gave You the Epsilon?
Edited by Marlow Anderson, Victor Katz, and Robin Wilson

Words of Mathematics
Steven Schwartzman