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Trigonometry: A Clever Study Guide

James Tanton

The MAA AMC website declares that

Teachers and schools can benefit from the chance to challenge students with interesting mathematical questions that are aligned with curriculum standards at all levels of difficulty.

For over six decades dedicated and clever folk at the MAA have been creating and collating marvelous, stand-alone mathematical tidbits and sharing them with the world of students and teachers through mathematics competitions. Each question serves as a portal for deep mathematical mulling and exploration. Each is an invitation to revel in the mathematical experience.

By bringing together all the questions that link to one topic a coherent mathematical landscape, ripe for a guided journey of study, emerges. The goal of this series is to showcase these landscapes that lie within the MAA’s competition resources and to invite students, teachers, and all life-long learners to engage in the mathematical explorations they invite. Learners will not only deepen their understanding of curriculum topics, but also gain the confidence to play with ideas and work to become agile intellectual thinkers.

The MAA competition resources provide mathematics thinkers, teachers, and doers:

  • The opportunity to learn and to teach problem-solving
  • The opportunity to review the curriculum from the perspective of understanding and clever thinking, letting go of memorization and rote doing.

Trigonometry: A Clever Study Guide:

  • Runs through the entire standard curriculum content of trigonometry from a sophisticated and mathematically honest point of view.
  • Illustrates in concrete ways how to implement problem-solving strategies for problems related to trigonometry, and
  • Provides a slew of practice problems from the MAA competition resources along with their solutions.

As such, this guide invites you to:

  • Review and deeply understand trigonometry,
  • Practice problem-solving,
  • Gain incredible intellectual confidence.

And above all,

  • To enjoy mathematics!

Electronic ISBN: 9781614444060

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