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About MAA Reviews

MAA Reviews is your one-stop-shop for information on mathematics books: what has been published, what is good, what the MAA recommends for library acquisition. Every week we post eight new reviews of books related to mathematics, so we now have several thousand reviews on the site. In addition, we list thousands of other books. You will find on this site a large database of mathematics books. For all books we receive we present the publication information, an image of the cover, and (whenever possible) the table of contents. We include reviews for as many books as possible.

What’s new? We feature eight new reviews about once a week. One convenient way to find out about new reviews is our RSS feed



Brian Borchers has taken over as editor of MAA Reviews in February 2019. He can be reached at borchers at nmt dot edu. 

Publishers should send review copies to the new editor at

MAA Reviews Editor
Mathematical Association of America
1529 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20036-1358



To find older (and newer) reviews and pages for non-reviewed books, you can either use the Browse function or use the search box that appears at the top right of every page. You can limit the search to MAA Reviews by adding type:book to your search. The search engine allows multiple search terms and strings in quotes.



We would love to have you participate by volunteering to review books yourself or by making comments. Check our guidelines for reviewers.



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Basic Library List (BLL)

The site also hosts the MAA’s recommendations for library acquisition. Whenever you open the page for a book that has been recommended for libraries to purchase by the MAA’s Basic Library List Committee, you will see a note telling you that and indicating the strength of their recommendation, from BLL to BLL***.