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Analysis and Design of Discrete Part Production Lines

C. T. Papadopoulos, M. E. J. O'Kelly, M. J. Vidalis, and D. Spinellis
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Springer Optmization and Its Applications 31
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1 Manufacturing Systems: Types and Modeling.- 1.1 Manufacturing Systems: Evolution and Classification.- 1.2 Models and Modeling.- 1.3 Classification of Manufacturing Systems.- 1.4 Models of Manufacturing Systems.- 1.5 Methods of Analysis.- 1.6 Measures of Performance.- 1.7 Related Bibliography.-
2 Evaluative Models of Discrete Part Production Lines.- 2.1 Markovian Model.- 2.2 Decomposition Approach.- 2.3 The Expansion Method.- 2.4 The Aggregation Method.- 2.5 Modeling of Production Lines with Parallel Reliable Machines at each Station.- 2.6 Simulation Modeling.- 2.7 General Comment.- 2.8 Related Bibliography.-
3 The Design of Production Lines.- 3.1 Introduction.- 3.2 Role of the Design Engineer.- 3.3 Improvability.-
4 Work-Load and Server Allocation Problems.- 4.1 The Work-Load Allocation Problem.- 4.2 The Server Allocation Problem.- 4.3 The SimultaneousWork-Load and Server Allocation: The L-phenomenon.- 4.4 Related Bibliography.-
5 The Buffer Allocation Problem.- 5.1 Formulation of the Buffer Allocation Problems.- 5.2 Solution of the Buffer Allocation Problems.- 5.3 Solution Approaches to the BAP in Short Lines.- 5.4 Solution Approaches to the BAP in Longer Lines.- 5.5 Related Bibliography.-
6 Double and Triple Optimization.- 6.1 Simultaneous Allocation of Work and Buffers, W+B.- 6.2 Simultaneous Allocation of Servers and Buffers, S+B.- 6.3 Simultaneous Allocation of Work, Servers and Buffers, W+S+B.- 6.4 Related Bibliography.-
7 Cost Considerations.- 7.1 Cost Models – Profit Maximization.- 7.2 Cost Models – Cost Minimization.-
A Mathematical Fundamentals.- A.1 Vectors and Matrices.- A.2 Probability.- A.3 Discrete Markov Processes (Markov Chains).- A.4 Data Plotting.- A.5 Well-Known Results of Queueing Theory.-
B Algorithms/Procedures Details and Guide to Use.- B.1 Markovian.- B.2 Decomposition-1.- B.3 Expansion.- B.4 Aggregation.- B.5 Decomposition-2.- B.6 Two-level Work-Load Allocation.- B.7 Simulated Annealing.- B.8 Genetic Algorithm.- B.9 Complete Enumeration.- B.10 Buffer Allocation.-
C Glossary.- C.1 General Acronyms.- C.2 Production Lines.- C.3 Decomposition Approach.- C.4 Markovian Model.- C.5 Expansion Method.- C.6 Aggregation Method.-C.7 Design Problems.- C.8 Cost Considerations.- C.9 Mathematical Fundamentals.- C.10 Accompanying Algorithms/Procedures.-
D Conference Participants: Presenters and Attendees.- D.1 Conference Participants - Presenters.- D.2 Conference Participants - Attendees.-
E Simulation Model of a Reliable Production Line.- E.1 Description of the Production Line.- E.2 The Model of the System.