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Conceptual Modeling for Discrete-Event Simulations

Stewart Robinson, Roger Brooks, Kathy Kotiadis, and Durk-Jouke van der Zee, editors
Chapman & Hall/CRC
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Foundations of Conceptual Modeling
Conceptual Modeling for Simulation: Definition and Requirements, Stewart Robinson
Complexity, Level of Detail, and Model Performance, Roger J. Brooks
Improving the Understanding of Conceptual Modeling, Wang Wang and Roger J. Brooks

Conceptual Modeling Frameworks
A Framework for Simulation Conceptual Modeling, Stewart Robinson
Developing Participative Simulation Models—Framing Decomposition Principles for Joint Understanding, Durk-Jouke van der Zee
The ABCmod Conceptual Modeling Framework, Gilbert Arbez and Louis G. Birta
Conceptual Modeling Notations and Techniques, N. Alpay Karagöz and Onur Demirörs
Conceptual Modeling in Practice: A Systematic Approach, David Haydon

Soft Systems Methodology for Conceptual Modeling
Making Sure You Tackle the Right Problem: Linking Hard and Soft Methods in Simulation Practice, Michael Pidd
Using Soft Systems Methodology in Conceptual Modeling: A Case Study in Intermediate Health Care, Kathy Kotiadis

Software Engineering for Conceptual Modeling
An Evaluation of SysML to Support Simulation Modeling, Paul Liston, Erkan Kabak, Peter Dungan, James Byrne, Paul Young, and Cathal Heavey
Development of a Process Modeling Tool for Simulation, John Ryan and Cathal Heavey
Methods for Conceptual Model Representation, Stephan Onggo
Conceptual Modeling for Composition of Model-Based Complex Systems, Andreas Tolk, Saikou Y. Diallo, Robert D. King, Charles D. Turnitsa, and Jose J. Padilla
UML-Based Conceptual Models and V&V, Ö. Özgür Tanrıöver and Semih Bilgen

Domain-Specific Conceptual Modeling
Conceptual Modeling Evolution within U.S. Defense Communities: The View from the Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Dale K. Pace
On the Simplification of Semiconductor Wafer Factory Simulation Models, Ralf Sprenger and Oliver Rose

Conceptual Modeling: Past, Present, and Future, Durk-Jouke van der Zee, Roger J. Brooks, Stewart Robinson, and Kathy Kotiadis