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Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion

Ronald L. Numbers
Harvard University Press
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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
    Ronald L. Numbers
  • Myth 1. That the Rise of Christianity Was Responsible for the Demise of Ancient Science
    David C. Lindberg
  • Myth 2. That the Medieval Christian Church Suppressed the Growth of Science
    Michael H. Shank
  • Myth 3. That Medieval Christians Taught That the Earth Was Flat
    Lesley B. Cormack
  • Myth 4. That Medieval Islamic Culture Was Inhospitable to Science
    S. Nomanul Haq
  • Myth 5. That the Medieval Church Prohibited Human Dissection
    Katharine Park
  • Myth 6. That the Copernican System Demoted Humans from the Center of the Cosmos
    Dennis R. Danielson
  • Myth 7. That Giordano Bruno Was the First Martyr of Modern Science
    Jole Shackelford
  • Myth 8. That Galileo Was Imprisoned and Tortured for Advocating Copernicanism
    Maurice A. Finocchiaro
  • Myth 9. That Christianity Gave Birth to Modern Science
    Noah Efron
  • Myth 10. That the Scientific Revolution Liberated Science from Religion
    Margaret J. Osler
  • Myth 11. That Catholics Did Not Contribute to the Scientific Revolution
    Lawrence Principe
  • Myth 12. That René Descartes Originated the Mind-Body Distinction
    Peter Harrison
  • Myth 13. That Isaac Newton’s Mechanistic Cosmology Eliminated the Need for God
    Edward Davis
  • Myth 14. That the Church Denounced Anesthesia in Childbirth on Biblical Grounds
    Rennie B. Schoepflin
  • Myth 15. That the Theory of Organic Evolution Is Based on Circular Reasoning
    Nicolaas A. Rupke
  • Myth 16. That Evolution Destroyed Charles Darwin’s Faith in Christianity—until He Reconverted on His Deathbed
    James Moore
  • Myth 17. That Huxley Defeated Wilberforce in Their Debate over Evolution and Religion
    David N. Livingstone
  • Myth 18. That Darwin Destroyed Natural Theology
    Jon H. Roberts
  • Myth 19. That Darwin and Haeckel Were Complicit in Nazi Biology
    Robert J. Richards
  • Myth 20. That the Scopes Trial Ended in Defeat for Antievolutionism
    Edward J. Larson
  • Myth 21. That Einstein Believed in a Personal God
    Matthew Stanley
  • Myth 22. That Quantum Physics Demonstrated the Doctrine of Free Will
    Daniel P. Thurs
  • Myth 23. That “Intelligent Design” Represents a Scientific Challenge to Evolution
    Michael Ruse
  • Myth 24. That Creationism Is a Uniquely American Phenomenon
    Ronald L. Numbers
  • Myth 25. That Modern Science Has Secularized Western Culture
    John Hedley Brooke
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