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Geometry and Topology Down Under

Craig D. Hodgson, William H. Jaco, Martin G. Scharlemann, and Stephan Tillmann, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 597
We do not plan to review this book.

Survey and expository papers

  • J. Hass -- What is an almost normal surface?
  • D. Calegari -- The ergodic theory of hyperbolic groups
  • S. Hong and D. McCullough -- Mapping class groups of 3-manifolds, then and now
  • B. H. Bowditch -- Stacks of hyperbolic spaces and ends of 3-manifolds
  • E. Carberry -- Harmonic maps and integrable systems
  • H. Rubinstein -- Some of Hyam's favourite problems

Research papers

  • D. Bachman, R. Derby-Talbot, and E. Sedgwick -- Almost normal surfaces with boundary
  • B. A. Burton -- Computational topology with Regina: Algorithms, heuristics and implementations
  • A. Clay and M. Teragaito -- Left-orderability and exceptional Dehn surgery on two-bridge knots
  • A. Deruelle, M. Eudave-Muñoz, K. Miyazaki, and K. Motegi -- Networking Seifert surgeries on knots IV: Seiferters and branched coverings
  • S. Friedl -- Commensurability of knots and L2-invariants
  • J. A. Hillman -- The groups of fibred 2-knots
  • C. Hodgson and H. Masai -- On the number of hyperbolic 3-manifolds of a given volume
  • K. Ichihara and I. D. Jong -- Seifert fibered surgery and Rasmussen invariant
  • F. Luo -- Existence of spherical angle structures on 3-manifolds
  • J. H. Rubinstein and A. Thompson -- 3-manifolds with Heegaard splittings of distance two
  • M. Scharlemann -- Generating the genus g+1 Goeritz group of a genus g handlebody