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Handbook of SAS DATA Step Programming

Arthur Li
Chapman & Hall/CRC
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Introduction to SAS
SAS Program and Language
Reading DATA into SAS
Creating and Modifying Variables
Base SAS Procedures 
Subsetting Data by Selecting Variables
Changing the Appearance of Data

Creating Variables Conditionally
The IF-THEN/ELSE Statement
Executing One of Several Statements
Modifying the IF-THEN/ELSE Statement with the Assignment Statement

Understanding How the DATA Step Works
DATA Step Processing Overview
Retaining the Value of Newly Created Variables
Conditional Processing in the DATA Step
Debugging Techniques

BY-Group Processing in the DATA Step
Introduction to BY-Group Processing
Applications Utilizing BY-Group Processing

Writing Loops in the DATA Step
Implicit and Explicit Loops
Utilizing Loops to Create Samples
Using Looping to Read a List of External Files

Array Processing
Introduction to Array Processing
Functions and Operators Related to Array Processing
Some Array Applications
Applications That Use Multi-Dimensional Arrays

Combining Data Sets
Vertically Combining Data Sets
Horizontally Combining Data Sets

Data Input and Output
Introduction to Reading and Writing Text Files
Reading Text Files
Creating Text Files

Data Step Functions 
Introduction to Functions and CALL Routines
Date and Time Functions
Character Variables
Functions for Converting Variable Types

Useful SAS Procedures
Using the SORT Procedure to Eliminate Duplicate Observations
Using the COMPARE Procedure to Compare the Contents of Two Data Sets
Restructuring Data Sets Using the TRANSPOSE Procedure
Creating the User-Defined Format Using the FORMAT Procedure
Using the OPTIONS Procedure to Modify SAS System Options