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How to Analyze Data

Catrin Radcliffe
Red Globe Press
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Pocket Study Skills
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Dennis Gordon
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Written for individuals about to embark on research involving statistical methods of data analysis, this book will be a great place to quickly learn these mathematical techniques. The author begins with basic principles and explicitly shows how to work up one’s research data via hand calculations or by using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft’s Excel. For those unfamiliar with this program here is a fast-track introduction to actually using it. Ms. Radcliffe begins with defining one’s research question and continuing through to interpreting the  results. Along the way are such steps as describing and understanding the data, various ways of plotting this data, and the statistical tests used in the analysis of results. To make the explanations as clear as possible the reader is carefully guided by worked-out examples and excellent illustrations.
Other features include an assortment of references both in print and on the internet; there is an index of mathematical symbols used in the book plus an ordinary index. Here is a real bargain – practical, clearly written, and modestly priced - a triple maximum!
In spite of having studied chemistry (Wayne State University and The University of Kansas) and enjoying a professional career in both academic and industrial research, Dennis’ greatest personal interest in science is mathematics. Now retired, he is a voracious reader, and with his wife Sally, they enjoy traveling in their sports car, bluegrass music, and the wonders of Wisconsin. Dennis may be contacted at