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Interpolation Theory and Applications

Laura De Carli and Mario Milman, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 445
We do not plan to review this book.
  • M. Milman and R. Rochberg -- Michael Cwikel: Mathematician
  • O. Blasco -- Dyadic BMO, paraproducts and Haar multipliers
  • A. Brudnyi and Y. Brudnyi -- Remez type inequalities and Morrey-Campanato spaces on Ahlfors regular sets
  • J. Cerdá -- Lorentz capacity spaces
  • D.-C. Chang, J.-F. Li, and J. Xiao -- Weighted scale estimates for Calderón-Zygmund type operators
  • M. Cwikel and S. Janson -- Complex interpolation of compact operators mapping into the couple $(FL^{\infty },FL_{1}^{\infty })$
  • D. D. Haroske -- Envelope functions in real interpolation spaces. A first approach.
  • B. Jawerth and M. Milman -- Weakly rearrangement invariant spaces and approximation by largest elements
  • N. J. Kalton and T. Kucherenko -- Sectorial operators and interpolation theory
  • N. J. Kalton, S. Mayboroda, and M. Mitrea -- Interpolation of Hardy-Sobolev-Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin spaces and applications to problems in partial differential equations
  • N. Kruglyak -- An elementary proof of the real version of the Riesz-Thorin theorem
  • N. Kruglyak -- The $K$-functional and Calderón-Zygmund type decompositions
  • T. Kühn and T. Schonbek -- Extrapolation of entropy numbers
  • T. M. Le and L. A. Vese -- Additive and multiplicative piecewise-smooth segmentation models in a functional minimization approaach
  • A. Manzano and M. Mastylo -- Duality for coorbit interpolation functors generated by operator ideals
  • J. Martin and M. Milman -- A note on Sobolev inequalities and limits of Lorentz spaces
  • V. Maz'ya -- Bourgain-Brezis type inequality with explicit constants
  • L. Pick -- Optimality and interpolation
  • E. Pustylnik -- Some properties of ultrasymmetric spaces
  • R. Rochberg -- Uses of commutator theorems in analysis
  • C. Sadosky -- A unified view of disparate results from scattering systems
  • A. Sparr -- On the conjugate space of the Lorentz space $L(\phi,q)$
  • T. Weidl -- Nonstandard Cwikel type estimates