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Modeling and Optimization in Space Engineering

Giorgio Fasano and János D. Pintér, editors
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Springer Optimization and Its Applications 73
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Model Development and Optimization for Space Engineering: Concepts, Tools, Applications and Perspectives. János D. Pintér and Giorgio Fasano. -Practical Direct Collocation Methods for Computational Optimal Control. Victor M. Becerra. - Formation Flying Control for Satellites: Anti-windup Based Approach. Josep Boada, Christophe Prieur, Sophie Tarbouriech, Christelle Pittet and Catherine Charbonnel. - The ESA NLP Solver WORHP. Christof Büskens and Dennis Wassel. -Global Optimization Approaches for Optimal Trajectory Planning. Andrea Cassioli, David Di Lorenzo, Marco Locatelli and Fabio Schoen. -Indirect Methods for the Optimization of Spacecraft Trajectories. Guido Colasurdo and Lorenzo Casalino.– Launch and Re-entry Vehicles. Francesco Cremaschi. -Global Optimization of Interplanetary Transfers with Deep Space Manoeuvres using Differential Algebra. Pierluigi Di Lizia, Roberto Armellin, Francesco Topputo, Franco Bernelli-Zazzera, and Martin Berz. -A Traffic Model for the International Space Station: An MIP Approach. Giorgio Fasano. -Global Optimization Approaches to Sensor Placement: Model Versions and Illustrative Results. Giorgio Fasano and János D. Pintér. -Space Module On-Board Stowage Optimization Exploiting Container Empty Volumes. Giorgio Fasano and Maria Chiara Vola. -Optimization Models for the Three-dimensional Container Loading Problem with Practical Constraints. Leonardo Junqueira, Reinaldo Morabito, Denise Sato Yamashita and Horacio Hideki Yanasse. -Optimal Magnetic Cleanliness Modelling of Spacecraft. Klaus Mehlem. -Integrated Design-Trajectory Optimization for Hybrid Rocket Motors. Dario Pastrone and Lorenzo Casalino. -Mathematical Models of Placement Optimisation: Two-and-three-dimensional Problems and Applications. Yuri Stoyan and Tatiana Romanova. -Optimization of Low Energy Transfers. Francesco Topputo and Edward Belbruno.