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Optimization in Science and Engineering

Themistocles M. Rassias, Christodoulos A. Floudas, and Sergiy Butenko, editors
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​Piecewise Linear Classifiers Based on Nonsmooth Optimization Approaches.- Variational Inequality Models Arising in the Study of Viscoelastic Materials.- Neighboring Local Optimal Solutions and Its Applications.- General Traffic Equilibrium Problem with Uncertainty and Random Variational Inequalities.- Computational Complexities of Optimization Problems Related to Model Based Clustering of Networks.- On Distributed-Lag Modeling Algorithms by r-Convexity and Piecewise Monotonicity.- Poincaré-Type Inequalities for Green’s Operator on Harmonic Forms.- The Robustness Concern in Preference Disaggregation Approaches for Decision Aiding: An Overview.- Separation of Finitely Many Convex Sets and Data Pre-Classification.- The Shortest Superstring Problem.- Computational Comparison of Convex Underestimators for Use in a Branch-and-Bound Global Optimization Framework.- A Quasi Exact Solution Approach for Scheduling Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Production through CO2 Injection.- A Stochastic Model of Oligopolistic Market Equilibrium Problems.- Computing Area-Tight Piecewise Linear Overestimators, Underestimators and Tubes for Univariate Functions.- Market Graph and Markowitz Model.- Nonconvex Generalized Benders Decomposition.- On Nonsmooth Multiobjective Optimality Conditions with Generalized Convexities.- A Game Theoretical Model for Experiment Design Optimization.- A Supply Chain Network Game Theoretic Framework for Time-Based Competition with Transportation Costs and Product Differentiation.- On the Discretization of Pseudomonotone Variational Inequalities with an Application to the Numerical Solution of the Nonmonotone Delamination Problem.- Designing Groundwater Supply Systems using the Mesh Adaptive Basin Hopping Algorithm.- Regularity of a Kind of Marginal Functions in Hilbert Spaces.- On Solving Optimization Problems with Hidden Nonconvex Structures.- Variational Principles in Gauge Spaces.- Brain Network Characteristics in Status Epilepticus.- A Review on Consensus Clustering Methods.- Influence Diffusion in Social Networks.- A New Exact Penalty Function Approach to Semi-Infinite Programming Problem.- On the Statistical Models-Based Multi-Objective Optimization.