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The Once and Future Turing

S. Barry Cooper and Andrew Hodges, editors
Cambridge University Press
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List of contributors
Introduction S. Barry Cooper and Andrew Hodges
Part I. Inside our Computable World, and the Mathematics of Universality:
1. Algorithms, equations, and logic Martin Davis
2. The forgotten Turing J. M. E. Hyland
3. Turing and the primes Andrew R. Booker
4. Cryptography and computation after Turing Ueli Maurer
5. Alan Turing and enigmatic statistics Kanti V. Mardia and S. Barry Cooper
Part II. The Computation of Processes, and Not Computing the Brain:
6. What Alan Turing might have discovered Stephen Wolfram
7. Designed versus intrinsic computation Christof Teuscher
8. Dull rigid human meets ace mechanical translator Douglas Richard Hofstadter
Part III. The Reverse Engineering Road to Computing Life:
9. Turing's theory of developmental pattern formation Philip K. Maini, Thomas E. Woolley, Eamonn A. Gaffney and Ruth E. Baker
10. Walking the tightrope: the dilemma of hierarchical instabilities in Turing's morphogenesis Richard Gordon
Part IV. Biology, Mind, and the Outer Reaches of Quantum Computation:
11. Answering Descartes: beyond Turing Stuart Kauffman
12. The ghost in the quantum Turing machine Scott Aaronson
Part V. Oracles, Infinitary Computation, and the Physics of the Mind:
13. Turing's 'oracle': from absolute to relative computability and back Solomon Feferman
14. Turing transcendent: beyond the event horizon P. D. Welch
15. On attempting to model the mathematical mind Roger Penrose
Afterword S. Barry Cooper and Andrew Hodges.