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The Oxford Handbook of Generality in Mathematics and the Sciences

Karine Chemla, Renaud Chorlay, and David Rabouin, editors
Oxford University Press
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1. Prologue: Generality as a Component of an Epistemological Culture, Karine Chemla, Renaud Chorlay, David Rabouin
Part I: The Meaning of Value of Generality
2. The Value of Generality in Michel Chasles's Historiography of Geometry, Karine Chemla
3. Generality in Leibniz's Mathematics, Eberhard Knobloch
4. The Problem of a "General" Theory in Mathematics: Aristotle and Euclid, David Rabouin
5. Generality and Generalization in Poincare's Philosophy, Igor Ly
Part II: Statements and Concepts: The Formulation of the General
6. Elaboration of a Statement on the Degree of Generality of a Property: Poincare's Work on Recurrence Theorem, Anne Robadey
7. Structures in Functional Analysis and Generality in Banach's Ph.D. Dissertation, Frederic Jaeck
8. How General are Genera? The Genus in Systematic Zoology, Yves Cambefort
9. Homology: An Expression of Generality in the Life Sciences, Stephane Schmitt
10. Different Notions of Genericity in the Classification Problem of Dynamical Systems, Tatiana Roque
Part III: Practices of Generality
11. Leibnizian Analysis, Canonical Objects, and Generlization, Emily Grosholz
12. Models, Structure and the Generality in Clerk Maxwell's Theory of Electromagnetism, Olivier Darrigol
13. Biological Generality: General Anatomy from Xavier Bichat to Louis Ranvier, Jean-Gael Barbara
14. Questions of Generality as Probes into Nineteenth Century Analysis, Renaud Chorlay
15. Universality versus Generality: An Interpretation of the Dispute over Tangents between Descartes and Fermat, Evelyne Barbin
16. Algebraic Generality versus Arithmetic Generality in the Controversy between C. Jordan and L. Kronecker (1874), Frederic Brechenmacher
17. Practices of Generalization in Mathematical Physics, in Biology, and in Evolution, Evelyn Fox Keller
18. Kummer's Generalization of Arithmetical Properties as Applied to Certain Complex Numbers, Jacqueline Boniface