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Tropical and Idempotent Mathematics and Applications

G. L. Litvinov and S. N. Sergeev, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 616
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M. Akian, S. Gaubert, and A. Guterman -- Tropical Cramer determinants revisited A. Avantaggiati and P. Loreti -- An approximation of Hopf-Lax type formula via idempotent analysis L. P. Belluce, A. Di Nola, and A. R. Ferraioli -- Ideals of MV-semirings and MV-algebras V. I. Danilov, A. V. Karzanov, and G. A. Koshevoy -- Tropical Plücker functions and Kashiwara crystals J. Eskeldson, M. Jaffe, and V. Nitica -- A metric on max-min algebra M. Gavalec and K. Zimmermann -- Optimization on the range of a max-separable operator Z. Izhakian, M. Knebusch, and L. Rowen -- Algebraic structures of tropical mathematics B. Kh. Kirshtein -- Parametric dequantization, tropical reduction of hyperfields and steady states of AC electrical networks N. Krivulin -- A constrained tropical optimization problem: Complete solution and application example V. P. Maslov -- On the mathematical foundations of classical thermodynamics V. Matveenko -- Tropical support sets in analysis of weak links and complementarity D. Nikolayev -- Idempotent algebra models of single-agent and multi-agent dynamics V. Nitica and S. Sergeev -- Tropical convexity over max-min semiring V. Noel, D. Grigoriev, S. Vakulenko, and O. Radulescu -- Tropicalization and tropical equilibration of chemical reactions T. Nowak and B. Charron-Bost -- An overview of transience bounds in max-plus algebra E. Wagneur -- Strong independence and injectivity in tropical modules