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Ways You Can Help

MAA Reviews belongs to the members of MAA, and so we hope you will be willing to help out! There are many things you can do:

  • Point out mistakes. As we enter data and reviews for thousands of books, we're bound to get some things wrong. If so, please let us know! If it's a matter of opinion (e.g., is it a textbook or a monograph?), we'll talk it over. We particularly want you to point out books with inappropriate topics, broken links and other html errors, and spelling errors.
  • Become a reviewer. Is there a book marked "There is no review yet. Please check back later." that you would like to review? Contact the editor! He might still be looking for the right reviewer. Or just ask to be added to the list of reviewers. Our desk is always full of books waiting for reviewers.
  • When an older book is in the MAA list of recommendations for libraries, it will have a page on the site but may well not have a review. If you know the book, feel free to send me a review!
  • Even if there's an MAA review already, feel free to submit your own. Here's your chance to disagree with the reviewer! I'd love to have comments from our readers.
  • Suggest books. We can only review the books we get. If there's something we've missed, let us know. Or even better, contact the publisher and tell them to send us a copy!
  • While we don't foresee making drastic changes to the site (at least not in the near future), we're always open to suggestions and ideas. Help us create our wish list...

MAA Reviews wants to be of service to all of you. Feel free to pitch in. Most of all, we hope you'll visit the site, read and enjoy the reviews, and spread the word. You can contact Fernando Gouvêa, the editor of MAA Reviews, at