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JSTOR All-Stars: The American Mathematical Monthly

The JSTOR database is an archive of important scholarly journals, offering researchers high-resolution, scanned images of journal issues and pages. It includes articles from The American Mathematical Monthly, from 1894 to the present.

The most frequently accessed Monthly articles over the last three years are:

  1. "Fundamentals in the Mathematics of Investment" by Edward Lewis Dodd. November 1918, 25:387-395.
  2. "College Admissions and the Stability of Marriage" by David Gale and Lloyd Shapley. January 1962, 69:9-15.
  3. "Calculating Sums of Infinite Series" by Bart Braden. August-September 1992, 99:649-655.
  4. "What Does the Spectral Theorem Say?" by P. R. Halmos. March 1963, 70:241-247.
  5. "Biography: René Descartes" by B. F. Finkel. August-September 1898, 5:191-195
  6. "Can One Hear the Shape of a Drum?" by Mark Kac. April 1966, 73:1-23.
  7. "Differentiation under the Integral Sign" by Harley Flanders. June-July 1973, 80:615-627.
  8. "Formulas for the Error in Simpson's Rule" by J. B. Scarborough. February 1926, 33:76-83.
  9. "Period Three Implies Chaos" by Tien-Yien Li and James A Yorke. December 1975, 82:985-992.
  10. "The History of Calculus" by Arthur Rosenthal. February 1951, 58:75-86.
  11. "A Useful Principle in Curve Tracing" by Arnold Emch. April 1917, 24:168-172.
  12. "History of the Exponential and Logarithmic Concepts" by Florian Cajori. January 1913, 20:5-14.
  13. "History of the Exponential and Logarithmic Concepts" by Florian Cajori. September 1913, 20:205-210.
  14. "What is Teaching?" by Paul R. Halmos. November 1994, 101:848-854.
  15. "A One-Sentence Proof That Every Prime p≡1(mod 4) Is a Sum of Two Squares" by Don Zagier. February 1990, 97:144.
  16. "The Origin of Mathematical Induction" by W. H. Bussey. May 1917, 24:199-207.
  17. "The Significance of Mathematics" by E. R. Hedrick. November 1917, 9:401-406.
  18. "Random Walk and the Theory of Brownian Motion" by Mark Kac. August 1947, 54:369-391.
  19. "What is Cantor's Continuum Problem?" by Kurt Gödel. November 1947, 54:515-525.
  20. "The Fundamental Theorem of Linear Algebra" by Gilbert Strang. November 1993, 100:848-855.

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If your library is not on one of the above lists, look for a nearby library that does have JSTOR access and is open to the public. Members of the MAA have the option of purchasing an individual subscription to JSTOR that gives them access to the archives of The American Mathematical MonthlyMathematics Magazine, The College Mathematics Journal, and Math Horizons.