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JSTOR All-Stars: The College Mathematics Journal

The JSTOR database is an archive of important scholarly journals, offering researchers high-resolution, scanned images of journal issues and pages. It now includes articles from The College Mathematics Journal, from 1984 to the present, and articles from its predecessor The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal (1970-1983).

The most frequently accessed CMJ articles over the last three years are:

  1. "Learning Mathematics Through Writing: Some Guidelines" by J. J. Price. November 1989, 20:393-401.
  2. "Studying Students Studying Calculus: A Look at the Lives of Minority Mathematics Students in College" by Uri Treisman. November 1992, 23:362-372.
  3. "Why n - 1 in the Formula for the Sample Standard Deviation?" by Stephen A. Book. November 1979, 10:330-333.
  4. "Misconceptions about the Golden Ratio" by George Markowsky. January 1992, 23:2-19.
  5. "The Golden Ratio: A Contrary Viewpoint" by Clement Falbo. March 2005, 36:123-134.
  6. "Cryptology: From Caesar Ciphers to Public-Key Cryptosystems" by Dennis Luciano and Gordon Prichett. January 1987, 18:2-17.
  7. "Pascal's Triangle" by Karl J. Smith. Winter 1973, 4:1-13.
  8. "The History of the Calculus" by Carl B. Boyer. Spring 1970, 1:60-86.
  9. "What's an Assignment Like You Doing in a Course Like This? Writing to Learn Mathematics" by George D. Gopen and David A. Smith. January 1990, 21:2-19.
  10. "Was Calculus Invented in India" by David Bressoud. January 2002, 33:2-13.
  11. "Optimal Card-Collecting Strategies for Magic: The Gathering" by Robert A. Bosch. January 2000, 31:15-21.
  12. "A Brief History of Logarithms" by R. C. Pierce, Jr. January 1977, 8:22-26.
  13. "Gauss/A Biographical Study by W. K. Buhler" Review by G. L. Alexanderson. September 1982, 13:286-288.
  14. "Integrals of Products of Sine and Cosine with Different Arguments" by Sherrie J. Nicol. March 1993, 24:158-160.
  15. "Teaching Mathematics with Rubik's Cube" by Tom Davis. June 1982, 13:178-185.
  16. "A Shortcut in Partial Fractions" by Xun-Cheng Huang. November 1991, 22:413-415.
  17. "Math Anxiety: Some Suggested Causes and Cures: Part 1" by Peter Hilton. June 1980, 11:174-188.
  18. "The Birthday Problem Revisited" by Joe Dan Austin. December 1976, 7:39-42.
  19. "What Is the Biggest Rectangle You Can Put inside a Given Triangle?" by Lester H. Lange. May 1993, 24:237-240.
  20. "Fibonacci's Forgotten Number" by Ezra Brown and Jason C. Brunson. March 2008: 39:112-120.

Access to the JSTOR archive is provided by many college, university, and other libraries. To find out if your library is a JSTOR participant, use the following link:

If your library is not on one of the above lists, look for a nearby library that does have JSTOR access and is open to the public. Members of the MAA have the option of purchasing an individual subscription to JSTOR that gives them access to the archives of The American Mathematical MonthlyMathematics MagazineThe College Mathematics Journal, and Math Horizons.