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The College Mathematics Journal Index



The College Mathematics Journal
(including the Two Year College Mathematics Journal)

prepared by

Donald E. Hooley
Mathematics Department
Bluffton College
Bluffton, Ohio



Note: All main articles from the College Mathematics Journal are listed in the ERIC database, with short abstracts. They may be searched by the author, title, or key words. Classroom capsules, notes, software reviews, and FFF items are not in ERIC at Columbus.

Each item in this index is listed under the topics for which it might be used in the classroom or for enrichment after the topic has been presented. Within each topic entries are listed in chronological order of publication. Each entry is given in the form:

Title, author, volume: issue, year, page range, [C of F], [other topic cross-listings]

where C indicates a classroom capsule or short note and F indicates a Fallacies, Flaws and Flimflam note. If there is nothing in this position the entry refers to an article unless it is a book review.

The topic headings in this index are numbered and grouped as follows: