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The College Mathematics Journal - September 2004


Highway Relativity
C. Bryan Dawson and Troy D. Riggs

The Rationals of the Cantor Set
Ioana Mihaila

Five Mathematicians, a Bunch of Coconuts, a Monkey, and a Coin
John E. Morrill

Tangent Lines and the Inverse Function Differentiation Rule
Maurizio Trombetta

Rocket Math
Daniel Flath, Cliff Stoll, and Stan Wagon

Successive Differentiation and Leibniz's Theorem
P.K. Subramanian

Recirculation Models, Homogenized Milk, and Biotech Applications
Mark Bailey, Mike Hilgert, and Herb Bailey

On a Three-Dimensional Generalization of Fermat's Area Theorem
Raymond A. Beauregard and Konstantine D. Zelator

When is Euler's Line Parallel to a Side of a Triangle?
Wladimir G. Boskoff and Bogdan D. Suceava


Fallacies, Flaws, and Flimflam

Classroom Capsules

Algebra in Respiratory Care
David F. Snyder

On a Common Mnemonic from Trigonometry
Eugene C. Boman and Richard Brazier

Introducing the Sums of Powers
Jeff A. Suzuki

The Pythagorean Theorem and Beyond: a Classification of Shapes and Triangles
Guanshen Ren

The Arithmetic of Algebraic Numbers: an Elementary Approach
Chi-Kwong Li


Problems and Solutions

Media Highlights