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Mathematical Treasures

Featured Items

The author uses 19th-century efforts to prove the converse of the Function Independence Theorem to show students that struggles and missteps in mathematics are normal.

A student project based on Ptolemy's computation of the length of gnomon shadows in the Almagest.

Provides an English translation of a paper written in 1726 by a 12-year-old Alexis Clairaut.

Reprint of Frank Swetz's 1977 "The 'Piling up of Squares' in Ancient China," originally published in the NCTM's Mathematics Teacher.

A student-ready activity, ideal for pre-service elementary mathematics teachers.

An open-ended exploration of a (lesser-known) Babylonian tablet.

A recounting of the 18th century discovery of voting theory, and a student project based on the tale.

A mathematical exploration of congressional representation, from the 1790 US Census to the Huntington-Hill Method.

A project based on a work by Cantor that helps students bridge the gap from more familiar mathematics to the abstract concepts of topology.

A collection of reproducible student activity sheets that use historical settings to teach or reinforce basic mathematical lessons.

PDF of the 2020 winning entry by Jeffrey Powers of Grand Rapids Community College.

A student project in multivariable optimization based on a classic paper in transportation science.


The origins of some common mathematical words that can enrich student learning.

An exploration of how the translations of Euler’s Letters to a German Princess came to differ from the original text.