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Videotape of aspects of the history of mathematics.
Tartaglia's method for solving cubics, which he eventually explained to Cardano.

A history of attempts to solve cubic and higher degree polynomial equations, including the notions of group theory and their relationship to the idea of symmetry.

Paul Halmos Photograph Collection, page 3: M. Auslander, R. Baer, Banchoff, C. N. Moore, I. A. Barnett, P. Erdos, and Lida Barrett
A website with links to information about numerous topics in the history of mathematics.
This is the title page of the 1599 edition of the Rechenbuch of Simon Jacob (d. 1564), a Rechenmeister of the sixteenth century. This was a commercial arithmetic text, in which the basic laws of arithmetic were applied to many practical problems.
Classrom suggestions for integrating Leonardo's ideas in several different classes
Four episodes in the history of geometry are discussed, where dynamic geometry helps in understanding the ideas.
Two men starting from the same point begin walking in different directions. Their rates of travel are in the ratio 7:3.
A horse halving its speed every day runs 700 miles in 7 days.