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Portraits of 92 living mathematicians, with autobiographical comments.

A guest on horseback rides 300 li in a day. The guest leaves his clothes behind and the host rides off to catch up with the guest once he discovers the clothes. Assuming the host rides without stop tell how far he can go in a day?

A collection of images of historical texts and tools to share with your students

Suppose that the propability of success in an experiment is 1/10. How many trials of the experiment are necessary to insure even odds on it happening at least once?

Two excellent volumes on Euler in honor of his three hundredth birthday

The three sides of a triangular piece of land, taken in order, measure 15, 10, and 13 chains respectively.
Two merchants, A and B, loaded a ship with 500 hhds (hogshead) of rum; A loaded 350 hhds, and B the rest; in a storm the seamen were obliged to throw overboard 100 hhds; how much must each sustain of the loss?
As this biography reveals, Servois fought in battles for Paris and for the foundations of calculus.
An interesting problem from Banneker's notebook as well as other problems to use with students.

There are four winners of the HOM SIGMAA Student Paper Contest for 2008. The papers may be accessed here.