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This conference takes place in 2006 at Pennsylvania State University, Erie.

A lady has two silver cups, and only one cover for both. The first cup weighs 16 oz, and when it is covered it weighs 3 times as much as the second cup; but when the second cup is covered, it weighs 4 times as much as the first.

Nine examples of using history in the mathematics classroom -- for those who read French!

A collection of articles on using the history of mathematics of the past 200 years in the undergraduate classroom.

The history of apportionment of representatives in the U.S. Congress, from the 1790s until today, along with a discussion of the mathematics involved in the various methods.

This a wonderfully written tour of aspects of classical geometry-- a must read for all geometry teachers.

A comparison of the Greek and Chinese approach to the idea of similarity.

Brief biographies of mathematicians with mathematical activities based on their work.

This is a regular monthly colloquium meeting at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY

A gentleman has bought a rectangular piece of land whose perimeter is to be 100 rods; and he is to pay 1 dollar for each rod in the length of the land and 3 dollars for each rod in the breath of the land.