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This is an invited working conference as part of the ICMI Study Series.

This website devoted to miscellanea about Archimedes contains much interesting material about his life and times.

We invite you to send us information about these photographs of 20th century mathematicians.

A survey of the attempts to prove Kepler's conjecture over the past 400 years.
This is the title page to the English version of Isaac Barrow's Geometrical Lectures, which were originally given in his position as Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. These lectures contain one of the earliest statements and proofs of what is today known as the fundamental theorem of calculus.
A wonderful survey of the history of mathematics, emphasizing its relationship with the ambient culture.
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In the middle of the 18th century, King Frederick the Great of Prussia became interested in creating a lottery to raise money. As was his custom when mathematical matters were involved, he called upon Leonhard Euler for counsel.

Boyer's classic text, as revised by Uta Merzbach, is still worth having.

A study of some elements of Greek geometry, as part of a course for liberal arts undergraduates on basic concepts of the calculus.