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A thorough study of Benjamin Franklin's mathematical accomplishments, in particular his work on magic squares.

Divide 100 loaves of bread among 10 men including a boatman, a foreman, and a doorkeeper, who each receives double portions. What is the share of each?

Now there are three sisters who leave home together.

Having been given the sum of two numbers, a, and the difference of their squares, b, find the numbers.

A circle is inscribed in an isosceles trapezoid. Find the relationship of the radius to the sides.

A comprehensive history of trigonometry from ancient times to the Renaissance.

How long does it take a single man to do work when...

The quadrennial meeting of the International Study Group on the Relations between History and Pedagogy of Mathematics will be in Mexico City, July 14-18, 2008.

An oracle ordered a prince to build a sacred building, whose space would be 400 cubits, the length being 6 cubits more than the width, and the width 3 cubits more than the height. Find the dimensions of the building.

There is a log 18 feet long, the diameter of the extremities being 1 ft and 2.6 ft respectively...