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To solve the cubic, Cardano relied on both abbaco and classical Greek geometric traditions. Follow his geometric thought visually.

About the brief life of Murphy (1806-43), with a transcript of his earliest printed work at age 18

How faculty and students can use and contribute to the MAA Euler Archive!

Math modeling, finite & discrete math, calculus reform, & more

How Classic Maya people probably used knotted ropes to form desired geometric shapes in art and architecture

A comparison of circa 1900 proofs of the famous theorem with a view toward improving student understanding of compactness

A collection of modules for teaching and learning by 'reading the masters'

Beautifully illustrated practical mathematics manuscript designed to impress King James I

Our reviewer finds this collection of translations of Babylonian mathematical tablets to be both fascinating and accessible.

The first arithmetic book published in England was a 1522 Latin text by Cuthbert Tunstall.