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Mathematical Treasures from the Smith and Plimpton Collections - Index

Frank J. Swetz and Victor J. Katz

Selected pages from the following documents from the George Arthur Plimpton and David Eugene Smith Collections, Columbia University Libraries, are available here. Click on the name of the document to go to the illustration, where more information is provided. An index that includes not only these "mathematical treasures," but also hundreds of others from a wide array of institutions, museums, and individuals, is available in Convergence as A Collection of Mathematical Treasures - Index.

Author Title Date
Agnesi, Maria Gaetana Instituzioni analitiche (8 images) 1748
Alberti, Giuseppe Instruzione per l'Ingenero 1774
Al-Khwarizmi, Muhammad Algebra (Original dates to ~825)
Al-Tusi, Nasir al-Din Commentary on Euclid (13th century original)
Anonymous Antichissimo di algorismo (2 images) 14th century
Anonymous Austrian measuring rod 1732
Anonymous Austrian weights 18th century
Anonymous English gauger's scale 18th century
Anonymous English tally sticks (5 images) 1296
Anonymous German protractor 1700
Anonymous Italian armillary sphere 1550
Anonymous Italian compass 15th century
Anonymous Jiuzhang suanshu 1603 (original from c. 250 CE)
Anonymous Korean sangi rods (2 images) 19th century
Anonymous Plimpton 322 c. 1850 BCE
Anonymous Treviso Arithmetic 1478
Anonymous Zhoubi suanjing (2 images) 1603 (original from 100 BCE)
Apianus, Petrus Instrumentum sinuum 1534
Apianus, Petrus Introductio geographica 1534
Barozzi, Francesco Procli Diadochi (2 images) 1560
Barrow, Isaac Geometrical Lectures 1735 edition
Barrow, Isaac Archimedes, Apollonius 1675
Barrow, Isaac Euclid's Elements (2 images) 1665
Benedetto da Firenze Trattato d'arismetriche c. 1460
Bernoulli, Jakob Ars conjectandi 1713
Bettini, Mario Aerarium philosophiae mathematicae (5 images) 1648
Bhaskara Lilavati (2 images) 1650
Billingsley, Henry Euclid's Elements (2 images) 1570
Boeschenstein, Johann Ain neu geordnet Rechenbiechlin (3 images) 1514
Boethius, Anicius Manlius Arithmetic (2 images) 1294 manuscript
Boethius, Anicius Manlius Liber circuli 1503
Bossut, Charles Traite elementaire de geometrie (6 images) 1775
Bowditch, Nathaniel Celestial Mechanics (5 images) 1818/1829
Brahe, Tycho Astronomiae instauratae (2 images) 1602
Byrne, Oliver Elements of Euclid 1847
Cardano, Gerolamo Ars magna 1545
Cardano, Gerolamo Practica arithmetice (5 images) 1539
Clavius, Christopher S.J. Opera mathematica (2 images) 1612
Clavius, Christopher S.J. Epitome arithmetica practica (2 images) 1584
Clavius, Christopher S.J. Edition of Euclid (2 images) 1574
de Witt, Jan Elements of Curves (5 images) 1683
Deidier, L'Abbé L’Arithmetique des Géométres (2 images) 1739
Desargues, Girard Universal Way of Dyaling 1659
Descartes, René Discourse on Method 1637
Descartes, René Geometria à Renato Des Cartes by van Schooten (3 images) 1649/1683
Digges, Leonard Tectonicon  (4 images) 1556/1634
Digges, Thomas Pantometria (3 images) 1571
Dürer, Albrecht Treatise on Mensuration (4 images) 1538
Emerson, William Treatise of Algebra (5 images) 1764
Euclid Elements: Late 13th century manuscript (5 images) 1294
Euclid Elements: Nasir al-Din al-Tusi commentary (13th century original)
Euclid Elements: 14th century manuscript (3 images) 1390
Euclid Elements: Henry Billingsley edition (2 images) 1570
Euclid Elements: Christopher Clavius edition (2 images) 1574
Euclid Elements: Isaac Barrow ediiton (2 images) 1665
Euclid Elements: Oliver Byrne's edition (3 images) 1847
Euler, Leonhard Algebra (in French) 1795
Euler, Leonhard Calculus of Variations 1744
Euler, Leonhard Integral Calculus (3 images) 1768
Euler, Leonhard Institutiones Calculus Differentialis (2 images) 1787
Euler, Leonhard Analysis of the Infinite (4 images) 1748
Eyre, John The Exact Surveyor (2 images) 1654
Faulhaber, Johann Academia algebrae (2 images) 1631
Feliciano, Francisco Libro di Arithmetica i Geometria (3 images) 1536
Fine, Oronce Geometry 1551
Fine, Oronce Le sphere du monde (3 images) 1551
Frisius, Gemma Arithmeticae methodus facilis (3 images) 1540
Galilei, Galileo Siderius nuncius (2 images) 1610
Galilei, Galileo Geometrical Compass (2 images) 1640
Ghaligai, Francesco Practica d'Arithmetica (3 images) 1552
Heuraet, Hendrick van Rectification of Curves (3 images) 1659
Honoratus Opus arithmetica (2 images) c. 1560
Huygens, Christiaan De circuli magnitude inventa 1654
Jacob, Simon Rechenbuch (7 images) 1565/1599
Jordanus de Nemore Arithmetica (13th century original)
Kepler, Johann Rudolphine Tables 1627
Kepler, Johann Uralten messekunst Archimedes 1616
Kepler, Johann Epitome of Copernican Astronomy (2 images) 1619
Kepler, Johann Chilias logarithmoria 1624
Khayyam, Omar Algebra (Original dates to ~1100)
Köbel, Jacob Geometry (4 images) 1608
Lacroix, Sylvestre Calculus of Probability (2 images) 1816
Lagrange, Louis Analytical Mechanics (2 images) 1788
Laplace, Pierre-Simon Celestial Mechanics (5 images) 1799/1818/1829
Laplace, Pierre-Simon Théorie Analytique des Probabilités (4 images) 1812
Maclaurin, Colin Geometria Organica (2 images) 1720
Maseres, Francis Doctrine of Permutations and Combinations (3 images) 1795
Moore, Jonas Arithmetick in Four Books (5 images) 1650/1688
Newton, Isaac Collected Works (5 images) 1779
Pacioli, Luca Divine Proportion (2 images) 1509
Pacioli, Luca Summa (3 images) 1494
Pitiscus, Bartholomew Trigonometry (2 images) 1600
Qadi Zada al-Rumi Geometry 16th century (original 1412)
Ramus, Peter The Way to Geometry (2 images) 1636
Recorde, Robert Pathway to Knowledge 1551
Recorde, Robert Grounde of Artes (4 images) 1543
Recorde, Robert Whetstone of Witte (6 images) 1557
Regiomontanus On Triangles (2 images) 1533
Reisch, Gregor Margarita philosophica (6 images) 1503
Riese, Adam Rechenbuch (2 images) 1550
Sabeus, Bernard Italian astrolabe 1558
Saccheri, Girolamo Euclides ab omni naevo vindicatus (5 images) 1733
Sault, Richard New Treatise of Algebra (5 images) 1694
Scheubel, Johann De numeris (2 images) 1545
Schooten, Frans van Exercitationes mathematicae (7 images) 1657
Seki Kowa Essentials of Mathematics (2 images) 1712
Stevin, Simon Oeuvres Mathematiques (5 images) 1634
Stifel, Michael Arithmetica integra (5 images) 1544
Tartaglia, Niccolo Nova scientia (2 images) 1537
Tartaglia, Nicolo Treatise on Number & Measure (2 images) 1556
van Heuraet, Hendrick Rectification of Curves (3 images) 1659
van Schooten, Frans Exercitationes mathematicae (7 images) 1657
Wallis, John Treatise of Algebra (4 images) 1685
Ward, John Compendium of Algebra (3 images) 1724
Witt, Jan de Elements of Curves (5 images) 1683
Wolff, Christian Treatise of Algebra (5 images) 1765
Zubler, Leonhard Nova instrumentum geometricum (5 images) 1607

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Index to the Convergence Collection of Mathematical Treasures

Frank J. Swetz and Victor J. Katz, "Mathematical Treasures from the Smith and Plimpton Collections - Index," Convergence (January 2011)


Mathematical Treasures from the Smith and Plimpton Collections at Columbia University