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Student Reports: A Rewarding Undertaking - Undergraduate Assignment Formats (cont.)

Frank J. Swetz

As the first essay assignment, please respond in some detail to the following prompts:


1. Identify an “aspect” of mathematics not volunteered by a student in class and write a paragraph or two on why you believe that “aspect” is indeed a feature of mathematics as you see it. This aspect can be one you have personally thought of outside of class or one of the ones on the master list of aspects with which you have been supplied after the in-class discussion of answers to the question “What is Mathematics” in the form “Mathematics is:...”.


2. Identify the one aspect of mathematics on the master list which most appeals to you and explain the reason(s) for your choice. Examples, experiences, personal insights, and the like are quite appropriate points of discussion in explaining your choice to your instructor.


3. List three mathematicians and a mathematical accomplishment of each from each (That is a total of 15 people and 15 claims to fame.) Periods II A, II B, III, IV A, and IV B of the Ontology Recapitulates Phylogeny overview of the chronological evolution of mathematics discussed in class during the first week of the course. Your Period IV B mathematicians must have something to do with mathematics either inspired by the computer or mathematics which is accomplished via a computer.


Frank J. Swetz, "Student Reports: A Rewarding Undertaking - Undergraduate Assignment Formats (cont.)," Convergence (July 2007)