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What's in Convergence? - Contents of Volume 15 - 2018

Editor:  Janet Beery

Associate Editors: Amy Ackerberg-Hastings, Janet Barnett, Maureen Carroll, Lawrence D'Antonio, Victor Katz, Michael Molinsky, Elyn Rykken, Randy Schwartz, Amy Shell-Gellasch, Jody Sorensen, Gary Stoudt, Erik R. Tou

Founding Editors: Victor Katz, Frank Swetz


The Mathematical Cultures of Medieval Europe, by Victor J. Katz

Cultural influences on the mathematics of Islamic, Jewish, and Catholic scholars

Recreational Problems in Medieval Mathematics, by Victor J. Katz

Two problems that endured across time, space, and culture

Historical Reflections on Teaching Trigonometry, by David M. Bressoud

The functional approach of circle trigonometry is the historical approach!

Crossword Puzzle: Mathematical Potpourri, by Sid Kolpas and Stu Ockman

Our second puzzle from a mathematics professor and a NY Times crossword puzzle constructor!

Descriptions of the Integer Number Line in United States School Mathematics in the 19th Century, by Nicole M. Wessman-Enzinger

Gradual development of the now ubiquitous number line traced through textbooks of the time

Russian Multiplication, Microprocessors, and Leibniz, by Sid Kolpas (posted 04/11/18)

A traditional method of multiplication via binary arithmetic finds a modern use.

A Writing Intensive General Education History of Mathematics Course, by Amy Shell-Gellasch (posted 04/28/18)

... for students who think they aren't good at or don't like mathematics!

More Classroom Activities Based on Ancient Indian Rope Geometry, by Cynthia J. Huffman and Scott V. Thuong

Activities, applets, and information to help students explore the geometry of altar construction in ancient India

HOM SIGMAA 2018 Student Paper Contest Winners

Read the winning entry, "Race to Refraction: The Repeated Discovery of Snell's Law," along with the two runners-up.

Divisibility Tests: A History and User's Guide, by Eric L. McDowell

Discoveries, rediscoveries, and generalizations of these tests to pique students' interest

A Series of Mini-projects from TRansforming Instruction in Undergraduate Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources, by Janet Barnett, Kathy Clark, Dominic Klyve, Jerry Lodder, Danny Otero, Nick Scoville, and Diana White

Math Origins, by Erik R. Tou

How were concepts, definitions, and theorems familiar to today's students of mathematics developed over time?

Mathematical Treasures at the Linda Hall Library, by Cynthia J. Huffman

Description of the physical and digital history of science collections of the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City. At least 75 of LHL's digitized rare books relate to the history of mathematics and can be used in classrooms.

Mathematical Treasures from the Linda Hall Library added during 2018:

Mathematical Treasures, by Frank J. Swetz

Index to Mathematical Treasures Collection: Images of historical texts and objects from libraries, museums, and individuals around the world for use in your classroom!

Mathematical Treasures added during 2018:

"What's in Convergence? - Contents of Volume 15 - 2018," Convergence (December 2017)