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What's in Convergence? - Contents of Volume 17 - 2020

Editors:  Amy Ackerberg-Hastings, Janet Barnett

Associate Editors:  Paul Bialek, Eugene Boman, Maureen Carroll, Ximena Catepillan, Lawrence D'Antonio (through 1/31/20), Sloan Despeaux, Toke Knudsen, Michael Molinsky, Adrian Rice, Elyn Rykken, Randy Schwartz (through 1/31/20), Amy Shell-Gellasch, Jody Sorensen (through 1/31/20), Gary Stoudt, Erik R. Tou, Laura Turner

Founding Editors: Victor Katz, Frank Swetz


Mabel Sykes: A Life Untold and an Architectural Geometry Book Rediscovered by Maureen T. Carroll and Elyn Rykken
Biography of a little-known high-school mathematics teacher and discussion of her publications, particularly the lavishly-illustrated 1912 A Source Book of Problems for Geometry Based upon Industrial Design and Architectural Ornament. The description of Source Book includes diagrams and animations. (posted 2/24/2020)

Why History of Mathematics? by Glen Van Brummelen
Justifications for using history to teach mathematics that were prepared to help secondary teachers in British Columbia understand how to approach a new 11th-grade course but which are widely applicable. (posted 1/27/2020)

A Mathematical History Tour: Reflections on a Study Abroad Program by R. Abraham Edwards and Marie Savoie
A unique study-abroad course combining the history of mathematics and travel. (posted 1/13/2020)

Ongoing Series

A Series of Mini-projects from TRansforming Instruction in Undergraduate Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources, by Janet Barnett, Kathy Clark, Dominic Klyve, Jerry Lodder, Danny Otero, Nick Scoville, and Diana White

Math Origins, by Erik R. Tou
How were concepts, definitions, and theorems familiar to today's students of mathematics developed over time?

Mathematical Treasures

Mathematical Treasures, by Frank J. Swetz

Index to Mathematical Treasures Collection: Images of historical texts and objects from libraries, museums, and individuals around the world for use in your classroom!

Mathematical Treasures added during 2020:

"What's in Convergence? - Contents of Volume 17 - 2020," Convergence (January 2020)