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History of the MAA Journals

The three journals of the Mathematical Association of America are the American Mathematical MonthlyMathematics Magazine, and the College Mathematics Journal.

The American Mathematical Monthly

Mathematics Magazine

The College Mathematics Journal

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The American Mathematical Monthly publishes articles, notes, and other features about mathematics and the profession. Its readers span a broad spectrum of mathematical interests and abilities. Authors are invited to submit articles and notes that bring interesting mathematical ideas to a wide audience of Monthly readers.

Mathematics Magazine presents articles and notes on undergraduate mathematical topics in a lively expository style that appeals to students and faculty throughout the undergraduate years. Mathematics Magazine is published five times per year.

The College Mathematics Journal emphasizes the first two years of the college mathematics curriculum. CMJ publishes a wide range of material intended to stimulate and entertain teachers and students, and, more generally, enhance and develop the teaching of undergraduate mathematics.

Historical Information

History of the Monthly

Past editors of the Monthly

History of Math Magazine

Past editors of Math Magazine

History of the CMJ

Past editors of the CMJ

The External MAA History Resources page links to more historical information about the MAA journals.

Past Issues

Subscribers to the journals can read recent issues online.
Past issues (from at least 3 years ago) of all journals are available online with a JSTOR subscription.

Volumes 1-113 (1894-2017) of the American Mathematical Monthly

Volumes 21-79 (1947-2017) of Mathematics Magazine
Volumes 9-20 (1934-1945) of its predecessor, National Mathematics Magazine
Volumes 1-8 (1926-1934) of its predecessor, Mathematics News Letter

Volumes 15-37 (1984-2017) of the College Mathematics Journal
Volumes 1-14 (1970-1983) of its predecessor, the Two-Year College Mathematics Journal

Tables of contents and articles summaries from recent issues are publicly available.

Monthly tables of contents/article summaries

Math Magazine tables of contents/article summaries

CMJ tables of contents/article summaries

Additional Resources

JSTOR All-Stars: the most frequently accessed Monthly articles

Searchable database maintained by Harvey Mudd College

The Harmony of the World: 75 Years of Mathematics Magazine presents some of the best material from the history of Mathematics Magazine, as well as a history of the magazine. Click here (and scroll down) for more information.

Searchable database maintained by Harvey Mudd College

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