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Area under a Curve

Donald DeLand and Greg Faron

This mathlet is used to facilitate understanding of integration by illustrating approximations to the integral. It computes sums using rectangles determined by left hand end points, right hand end points, and midpoints, as well as trapezoids. There is a choice of nine different functions. The user can choose the number of subintervals into which the interval is divided. Instructions on how to use the applet are included on the page.

Don DeLand and Greg Faron are at Integre Technical Publishing, Inc.

Open the Area under a Curve mathlet in a new window.


Systems supported: IE 5/Win98, Netscape 4.7/Win98


This particular applet is scheduled to be part of a commercial package in which the entire API is exposed, though we don't anticipate removing it from our web site as an example.

Donald DeLand and Greg Faron, "Area under a Curve," Convergence (September 2004)